My Purpose To Set Others Free From Human Trafficking

enVision Together

Jan 9 2023 • 52 mins

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, and the Chief Executive Officer of The Set Me Free Project, a prevention education organization on human trafficking, social media safety, and healthy relationships.

Stephanie has a mission to share that each person has an intrinsic value that cannot be changed. Her work on teaching resilience in life and leadership has inspired people across the United States.

In her conversational and humorous style, Stephanie will inspire and empower.
Living with years of parent abandonment, eating disorders, alcoholism, and domestic and sexual violence, she overcame through determination, faith, and resilience.

Now, a sought after speaker, Stephanie runs a successful nonprofit organization and loves to speak to audiences of all kinds (faith-based and non) inspiring, encouraging, and bringing hope everywhere she speaks.

About Stephanie

Stephanie successfully (or at least mostly successfully) balances the life as a CEO of a thriving nonprofit, as a wife, and as a mom of three (and a fur baby).

Living through trauma, dealing with disordered eating, alcoholism, domestic and sexual violence, and more, Stephanie used her trauma and turned it into a testimony to help others.

As the co-founder of The Set Me Free Project, Stephanie has been able to grow a nonprofit from nothing to bringing prevention to thousands of youth teaching them that they have an intrinsic value that no one can change.

Stephanie speaks all over to youth and adults on human trafficking, social media safety, healthy relationships, trauma, addiction and resilience.

Stephanie is also the host of the Being Resilient Podcast.


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