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enVision Together: Going to Our Next Level of Best, is an empowering bi-weekly podcast that inspires listeners to achieve the life of their dreams. On enVision Together: Going to Our Next Level of Best podcast, transparency is the foundation for stimulating discussions from the heart. Dr. Pamela Mshana, host of enVision Together: Going to Our Next Level of Best podcast, is a Christian, mother, speaker, author, coach, and educator (who earned her Ph.D. in Urban Leadership). Her mission is to help people from diverse backgrounds use their individual talents and gifts for the good of many. enVision Together is an inspirational show that gives guests an opportunity to share their expertise and passion on various topics to help listeners gain a fresh perspective on how to achieve results in these areas. We live in a world filled with uncertainty and turmoil. Pamela has learned that one way to put our worries aside is to focus on purpose. As we continue to reach our next levels of best, we can help others along in the process. In refreshingly honest discussions, Pamela and her honored guests will share insights gained from trials and triumphs in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. The enVision Together: Going to our Next Level of Best podcast will explore timely topics such as overcoming anxiety and fear, educating the reluctant learner, cultivating lasting relationships, and strengthening our faith. As the author of the forthcoming novel Girls in Search of Cover, Pamela will also interview fellow writers to share their tips for best living regarding the subjects they write about. By having candid discussions, it is Pamela’s hope that listeners will envision themselves using their unique gifts and talents on greater levels and for greater purposes. In every episode, Pamela and guests will reveal one gem listeners can embrace to move into a brighter future about the topic of the week. Please subscribe to the enVision Together podcast to be notified of each episode. To connect with Pamela online to discuss her weekly topics or to spread the word about the enVision Together: Going to Your Next Level of Best podcast, please follow her on social media or on her website: Facebook: @Pamela Mshana Instagram: @pamela.mshana.37 Twitter: @PamelaMshana Website: www.pamelamshana.com (Contact page). Support the show: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=TD6PCE7G83GNY Disclaimer Statement: The "host" and "the show" are not responsible for any losses, damages, or liabilities that may arise from the use of this podcast. This podcast is not intended to replace medical, legal or professional advice of any kind. The views expressed in this podcast may not be those of the host, show or the management. read less


Sports as a Metaphor for Life
Sep 11 2023
Sports as a Metaphor for Life
Welcome to Season 5! On today's episode, Dr. Mshana interviews Ahmard Vital who in 2011, published, "Awaken the Baller Within," which was quickly labeled as the “athlete’s life manual” by some pundits in sports media. This book was taught in more than a dozen colleges and close to fifty athletic departments and sports camps. As a mental performance coach, Ahmard helped secure more than $6 million dollars in scholarship monies and worked with athletes at the Division I level and the National Football League.Not long after a successful career as a college football recruiting analyst with Scout.com, a Fox Sports affiliate, Ahmard founded That Guy Media Group and expanded his platform to small business and nonprofit organizations where he focused on dream building, goal setting, and a relentless pursuit of the aforementioned. By teaching his audiences to recognize their strengths, and capitalize on the power that everyone harnesses within, individuals can realize previously unimagined levels of personal happiness and success.Ahmard is becoming one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world, working in countries like Zambia and Abu Dhabi (UAE). In the United States, he’s inspired professionals at companies like the Boys and Girls Club, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Salvation Army. His college clients include Prairie View A&M, Houston Community College and West Texas A&M.He published his second book, I Am More Than Enough, in April 2019 to address many of his clients’ confidence challenges in their personal and professional lives. His newest book, Now What, was released in January 2023. When Ahmard is not traveling, speaking or writing, he works as a humanitarian and teen ministry leader, volunteering his time to inspire youth to envision their futures beyond their challenges and circumstances. He is also an avid reader and fitness coach, teaching cycling classes in North Houston. We welcome Mr. Vital to the show!