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Episode 75: Assume Breach - Extracting Maximum Value From Offensive Security Testing
Jan 17 2024
Episode 75: Assume Breach - Extracting Maximum Value From Offensive Security Testing
Send us a Text Message.In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, where organizations of all verticals and industries are more and more being targeted, organizations must adopt a proactive approach to securing their systems and data. Penetration testing is an essential component of identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However, many organizations fail to extract maximum value from their penetration tests, treating them as isolated events rather than continuous learning opportunities.This session aims to shed light on the concept of "Assume Breach" and explore how organizations can extract the most value from their penetration tests. By embracing the assumption that systems and users at some point will become compromised, organizations can develop a comprehensive security strategy that goes beyond a checklist approach.The session will feature real-world case studies and practical examples to illustrate successful Assume Breach penetration tests. Attendees will gain insights into developing a robust security strategy, optimizing resources, and aligning penetration tests with broader organizational goals.Whether you are a security professional, an IT admin, an MSP, or a business leader, this session will provide valuable insights to enhance your understanding of penetration testing as a continuous improvement process and empower you to strengthen your customer's security posture.Blog: with Us: