Christmas Covers

The Sounds of Christmas

Mar 18 2022 • 14 mins

Ken Kessler from the Sounds of Christmas talks about an article from Stacker.com that uses data from WhoSampled.com for a list of the most covered songs of all time, which includes a bunch of Christmas songs. Since the article is from 2020, he looks at updated data from WhoSampled.com and cross-references it with data from the Sounds of Christmas library and the website SecondHandSongs.com.

The original article can be found on Stacker's website here: https://stacker.com/stories/3975/most-covered-songs-all-time?fbclid=IwAR1Zzj0x7pzP0adph41t8hNgdnBFDWk9WKJ12YiwPbjN4bRxVJJT6Uy0nzE

WhoSampled lives here: https://www.whosampled.com/

SecondHandSongs lives here: https://secondhandsongs.com