New and Future Classics

The Sounds of Christmas

May 9 2022 • 54 mins

Ken Kessler from the Sounds of Christmas talks to Gerry from the Totally Rad Christmas podcast, Scott from Holly Jolly X'masu podcast and Tim from the Can't Wait For Xmas podcast about Christmas songs from the last twenty years that they think are classics, or on their way to becoming classics (or, at least, worthy of being considered classics). This is in response to a growing number of posts and blogs over the last few years claiming that there isn't any good Christmas music being made any more.

Find out more about Gerry and the Totally Rad Christmas podcast at https://linktr.ee/TotallyRadChristmas

Find out more about Scott and the Holly Jolly X'masu podcast at https://hollyjollyxmasu.libsyn.com/website

Find out more about Tim and the Can't Wait For Xmas podcast at https://cantwaitforchristmaspod.com/