The Gothic Side of Life

Glenn lee alan Davis

Greetings "Future Corpses" All are welcome in the Funeral Parlor. Join me for discussions about All Things Strange and Unusual. Here you will find dark intellectual comedy and commentary about the world we live in. Don't worry, you don't need to wear any eyeliner to be a part of this show! Gothic or not you will be entertained.

#11 Interview with Sword Collector Band Goth Alternative Music "Drenched in Honey"#10 Interview Eyajo December Joseph Artist Poet Musician Astro Vamps Black Heroin Gallery#9 Celebrity Suicide Tier List Rozz Williams Kurt Cobain Robin Williams Anthony Bourdain and more#8 Interview Tony F. Corpse from Post Mortem Superstar / Willow Wisp Backwards Drummer and Composer of the Dark Arts#7 My Dad Died So Lets Talk about Death Atheism and Suicide#6 Interview Adrienne LaVey Opera Singer Gothic YouTuber Dark Soul on Down the Lonely Path#5 Interview Erik Dee Fullmer of Willow Wisp 90s Goth Metal Band from Hollywood CA#4 I Am Psychic - I Have Supernatural Powers - Is This True? - The Afterlife#3 Hail Satan? Movie Review - The Rise of the Satanic Temple - The Afterlife#2 Am I Different? A Goth Conversation about being Judged by others - The Afterlife#1 The Afterlife - Goth or Not? The Gothic Side of Life Introduction EpisodeThe Gothic Side of Life Intro Song