#2 Am I Different? A Goth Conversation about being Judged by others - The Afterlife

The Gothic Side of Life

Mar 11 2020 • 36 mins

Welcome to the Afterlife on The Gothic Side of Life where I delve deeper into the videos I post on YouTube.

In this episode I try to figure out why people are so stupid when it comes to judging people for the way they look. The old saying "Never Judge a Book by its Cover" gets thrown right out the window as soon as you look like a FREAK.

I tell a few funny stories about being falsely arrested at Sears and how they treated me like crap at more than one location. Good thing they went out of business. This is how it feels to be judged by others for being different. How you are treated at stores when people assume you are going to steel something.

All "Future Corpses" are welcome here. We will all band together to create an army of like minded weirdos!