Episode 57: Surrendering Your Yes to God with Rebekah Lyons

A Love Like This

Sep 10 2021 • 28 mins

Have you struggled with saying yes to God? Maybe you're afraid of stepping out and saying yes to the things that God is inviting you into.

A person who has said yes to God time and time again, who lives her life in rhythm and surrender, is the beautiful Rebekah Lyons.

To be honest this was a huge dream come true for me. Rebekah's book rhythms of renewal freed me from my own experience of anxiety and I honestly cannot wait for her devotional. Having someone you can relate to in your faith journey makes the world of difference in growing closer to God.

In this weeks episode, we are talking about her brand new devotional coming called "A Surrendered Yes". Rebekah has a beautiful story of adoption and freedom. After saying yes to god Rebekah realised that saying yes to who God says you are, even in the small, ordinary moments of life, can create renewed spiritual vitality.

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