The 5 Stages of Money Mindsets, Which Stage Are You In?

Get High On Motivation

Jun 1 2022 • 28 mins

There are five stages of money mindsets ranging from surviving to thriving. Which level are you on and what will be required for you to move to the next level or to get to the top of your wealth game?
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"Mimi the Motivator," is the modern-day Master Teacher, a dynamic Speaker, and a Coach who empowers all to create the life and business desired.  With a degree in Mathematics, her expertise consists of Business, Leadership Development, and Metaphysics. Your favorite motivator's Favorite Motivator is on a mission to establish a cycle of community and generational wealth in socio-economic challenged cultures. Her boutique consulting agency, The Phil-Rich Group, provides a holistic approach to leadership development and lifestyle development through workshops, events, online courses, coaching, and podcasts.

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