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Our Editor's Take

Fort Laramie - is a radio show presented in podcast format by Old Time Radio. The original broadcast aired from January to October of 1956. The audio drama follows the troops at the fort in the 1800s. This show carries on the legacy of other Old Time Radio westerns like Gunsmoke. After that show moved to TV, the creators began producing this one for radio.

Raymond Burr portrayed Lee Quince, the captain of the cavalry. Burr would go on to be the star of the hit TV series Perry Mason. As the story's main protagonist, Quince is a heroic figure with a strong moral code. Throughout Fort Laramie, he faces difficult choices on the harsh American frontier. Among the supporting characters are Lt. Siberts and Major Ned Daggett. Siberts is an inexperienced soldier who serves as a scrappy sidekick. Daggett is Quince's commanding officer with whom he sometimes disagrees.

Fort Laramie was ahead of its time in some ways. The show took a nuanced approach to the "cowboys and Indians" dynamic. The creators took care not to portray Native Americans as one-dimensional villains. Rather, the wilderness itself was often the show's antagonist.

One of Fort Laramie's notable qualities is its commitment to historical accuracy. The writers did exhaustive research on the reality of frontier living. They looked at the real Fort Laramie and what troops there experienced. This show captures that history in a compelling drama.

Many of the cast and crew members from Gunsmoke contributed to the series. The sound effects and dialogue create a realistic setting that's easy to imagine. Fort Laramie is also a departure from the classic cowboy show in that it's a military story. Despite its frontier trappings, the show has elements of war, both harrowing and mundane. The result is a unique show that, although short-lived, remains a Western masterpiece.

New episodes of the Fort Laramie - podcast premiere Tuesdays.

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