A Mexican Adventure

Stories Without Pictures

May 14 2023 • 14 mins

A holiday with friends is so much fun, especially if it’s a holiday that involves lots of swimming in a pool, playing at a beautiful beach, eating ice cream for breakfast, and tons of silliness. In this story, based on true events, three friends - Nandu, Seher, and Teia, visit Cancun in the country of Mexico. Listen in to find out all the fun they have on their vacation.

This original story is written by Nidhi Gupta.

Nandu's voice is by 7-year-old Nandita Gautam, Teia's voice is by 6.5-year-old Teia Sekhon, and Seher's voice is by 8.5-year-old Seher Sekhon. Cover art is by Nandita, Teia and Seher.

Credits: Gangnam Style by PSY

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