Ammu makes a new friend

Stories Without Pictures

Apr 10 2022 • 17 mins

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance month, and this story is our attempt to explain to children what autism is.

It’s the summer holidays and Ammu meets Dhruv, her best friend’s cousin. Dhruv does not respond to Ammu when she tries to talk to him, and she is sad that he does not want to play with her. Will he go to a play date at Ammu’s home when she invites him?

Ammu’s voice is by 6-year-old Nandita Gautam and Aditi’s voice is by 5-year-old Natasha Mahajan.

This original story is written by Nidhi Gupta.

Shoutout to our friend Archana Haran for helping us find the right words to explain autism to children.

The cover art is by our listener 8-year-old Aalya Agarwal from Reston, Virginia.


Piano 1: Reminiscence by Johannes Bornlöf from EpidemicSound

Piano 2: See You Clearly by Jon Björk from EpidemicSound