Kengeri Kannan goes to Gwalior - Part 2 - Experiencing beautiful Gwalior

Stories Without Pictures

Dec 25 2022 • 18 mins

Kengeri, Durgamma, Latha, and Subbu have reached Gwalior after a long train journey. Join them as they spend an exciting week exploring the rich history and mouth watering delicacies of this wonderful city!

This original story is written by Nidhi Gupta.

Latha's voice is by 10-year-old Aditi Nikhil Eldurkar, Subbu's voice is by 8-year-old Narayan Rao, and Kengeri's voice is by Namit Chaturvedi.

Cover art is by 8-year-old Anaika Kurian and 10-year-old Aditi Nikhil Eldurkar.

Special credit: Madhya Pradesh Tourism YouTube channel for excerpts.