Welcome to Joyful Corner! Our mini episode each week where we choose to look for and celebrate the good that already surrounds us. I hope these episodes leave you feeling lighter and brighter after each listen! So let's jump into this gratitude practice, together.

This week I’m grateful for a special surprise my husband and I planned for our boys - rescuing a puppy! Last weekend we brought home our hound-Labrador mixed breed pup, and she's continuing to be one of the sweetest dispositioned pups I've ever met. We feel really lucky to have brought her into our family! Sometimes Joyful Corner is about celebrating the small, quiet moments - and other times it's commemorating something big (and not so quiet!) like a puppy. Big, small, and in-between - it's all worthy of recognition ❤🐶

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So if you too are ready to pause your day, look for the good, and feel the abundance that comes with cultivating joy and practicing gratitude, then pop in your earbuds, press play, and let's do this!

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