The 'Story Rules Podcast': Learning from the best storytellers in the world

The Story Rules Podcast

Mar 31 2021 • 3 mins

Welcome to The Story Rules Podcast. This is your host, Ravishankar Iyer and I’m launching this podcast with a very selfish motive - I want to learn from the best storytellers in the world.

I admire good storytelling wherever I see it… whether it’s:
- Someone who creates start-up pitch decks that raise millions of dollars, or
- Someone who simplifies complex financial news into daily stories that are consumed by several hundred thousand readers, or
- Those who craft investment theses that form the basis for billion-dollar investment portfolios, or
- Folks who write non-fiction in a simple yet arresting manner…

I feel that all of us can learn from these storytelling experts, and so I decided to pick their brains and unearth their secrets.

In each episode of the podcast, we will have long, deep and meaningful conversations with some of the best storytellers in the world. We will explore their life story, discuss their storytelling philosophy and unearth the secrets of their craft.

Listeners will get to learn, grow their own inner storytellers and finally, achieve better outcomes at work - by leveraging the power of story.