Change Your Mindset, Achieve a Better Day with Stefanie Oseni-Momodu

Mom Owned and Operated

May 13 2021 • 29 mins

In episode of the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita Suzanne and Stefanie Oseni-Momodu discuss raising a family, running a business and remembering yourself.

Stefanie is a Business Mindset coach for all you ambitious, working mums out there who are in a 9-5 ready to ditch the working-mum guilt, start taking action towards building a profitable business. In the process she helps you rediscover yourself after becoming a mum, and start dreaming big again.

Her mission is to reach that mum who feels overwhelmed with the multiple roles she is juggling, and yet feeling isolated. She has lost who she was and struggling to determine who she is besides a mum.

Before becoming a certified coach, Stefanie spent just over 10 years in the finance sector, she is a part-qualified Accountant, with an MSc in International Financial Management and a BSc in Accounting with Finance.

Though she maintained a successful career within Finance, she always knew her passion was to help people achieve their dreams and help them see the best version of themselves. She loves investing herself in the growth of people that crosses her path where possible.

As a Mindset Coach, Stefanie uses different tools and techniques to  get down to the bottom of what is really holding back her clients from achieving what they really want to achieve for themselves and their business.

Stefanie enjoys spending time with her family and travelling. She is married with two boys aged 5 and 14 months.

You can connect with Stefanie on her website.

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