Episode 21 The Trees of Abram and Sarai with a Side Order of Melchizedek

Bible Study: For Women, By Women

Jun 9 2022 • 13 mins

God chose a man from a pagan family to bring his people forward in history. Like most of God's chosen people, Abram was not without his flaws. We follow him on his journey with his beautiful wife, Sarai. BONUS content today as we sidebar to meet a very important priest and king of Salem, Melchizedek. Who was he and why is he important?

The Royal Priest Series: Abraham and Melchizedek (5 min)
Old Testament Overview Genesis 12-50 (8 min, printable poster attached)
The Torah Series Gen 12-50 (5 min)

The Royal Priest Series: Who was Melchizedek (44 min)
The Royal Priest Series: Why Melchizedek Matters (60 min)

Genesis 12:6-9
Genesis 12:11-17
Genesis 13:3-18
Genesis 14:13-18
Genesis 15:9-21