Episode 2: Interview with Gert Mellak from SEOLEVERAGE.COM

Building My Freedom Business

Aug 18 2021 • 31 mins

Today's interview is with Gert Mellak from SEOLEVERAGE.COM.

Resources mentioned in this interview:

The interview:

01:08 - Gert shares his background story how how he became an entrepreneur and started SeoLeverage.com.
03:50 - Erik asks Gert if he remembers a specific moment where he decided to work for
04:45 - Gert explains the services they offer at SeoLeverage.com.

'A good position in Google has a very big value'

'The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google'

'We expect & trust Google to have the perfect result on page 1'

'The goal is page 1, position 1'

08:55 - Gert shares what he thinks about when he hears the words 'freedom business'.
He also talks about the shift from working as a solo entrepreneur to start
building a team.
12:10 - Gert talks about what drives him to build his business ( what is his bigger why?).
16:45 - Gert shares what he does outside of work to re-charge his battery.
19:25 - Gert is asked for advice for people like me who want to move from having just a job
in your own business to start building a proper business.

'You can't be half pregnant, you need to go all in, be consistent and patient'

23:05 - Gert shares where he wants to go with SeoLeverage.com.
24:35 - Gert talks about the benefits of partnering with James Schramko and being
part of his community Superfast Business.
27:30 - Gert talks about his book 'The Erica Framework'

'What I most love is talking to clients'