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Erik Wagter

Interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs hosted by Erik Wagter.

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Announcing the launch of the podcast
Episode 20: Digital training courses for future proof income with Matt Raad!Episode 19: Work less, improve faster with Mark Morley Fletcher!Episode Episode 18: The book ' Step One' The surprisingly process to research, validate, and choose the perfect online business idea.Episode 17: You have a story, we want to help you tell it.Episode 16: Spending more time with your family and doing what you really loveEpisode 15: Stop chasing joy, begin living in wonder with Dr K.Episode 14: Interview with Tim Tavender from TimTavender.comEpisode 13: Interview with Jay Clouse from JayClouse.com.Episode 12: Interview with Colin Clapp from Online Marketing Done 4 YouEpisode 11: Interview with Marco Grishaber from www.Wunderads.AgencyEpisode 10: Interview with Shaun Latham from from Info Bytes Media.Episode 9: Interview with Anf Chansamooth from www.simplecreativemarketing.comEpisode 8: Interview with Tiina Wilen from www.tiinawilen.comEpisode 7: Interview with Trudi Rankin from www.westislanddigital.comEpisode 6: Interview with Justin Meadows from www.tunedwp.com
Welcome to the Building My Freedom Business podcast.Today's guest is Justin Meadows from www.tunedwp.com.Resources mentioned in this interview:TunedwpSeo LeverageSuperfast BusinessContact Justin: support@tunedwp.com01:30    Justin talks about his background story how he ended up working for himself.                 Justin says he always had the desire to start his own business. He said that he was                  influenced by his father who also run his own business.02:50    Erik asks Justin if he ever got involved in his dad's business? ' I always loved playing around with technology '04:45   Justin talks about how one of his friends helped him build his first website which                was a beer blog. Justin admits he had a passion for the blog but it was difficult to                monetize. He did learn a lot of great skills running this blog.05:50   Justin explains what his business www.tunedwp.com does.08:55  Erik asks Justin about the audit they do for businesses. Erik asks what sort of               things they will be looking at as part of the audit? He's also asking what risk he is taking               by not engaging with his service?'The audit has provided us with a framework to help us see how we can best improve a website'Here are 4 out of the  8 areas they look at during the audit:The first impressionBuilding trust and authorityConversions Page load speed'You offer them what they want but then you give them what you need''Google is now using your speed as a ranking factor'13:25  Justin answers Erik's question if he has a story of a customer he helped.15:20  Erik asks Justin if his customers are one-off customers or does he offer              them a particular programme with a recurring income.17:00 Justin explains what he thinks about when he hears the phrase 'freedom              business'?'I travelled around Australia with my children for a whole year and we would wake upon a different beach every other day'18:20 Erik asks Justin to share one of two important ingredients entrepreneurs will need               to work towards building that freedom business?1. Finding a problem you can solve for someone is really key.2. A solution to the problem someone is willing to pay for.3. Make sure you have a big run way when you start a business20:45  Justin answers Erik's question how it has been beneficial for him to be a member                of Superfast Business run by James Schramko. If you want to connect to the host and other listeners of the podcast, please go to www.facebook.com/buildingmyfreedombusiness.
Sep 1 2021
25 mins
Episode 5: Interview with Jillian Benbow from SPI PRO
Welcome to the Building My Freedom Business podcast.Today's guest: Jillian BenbowJillian is the Senior Community Manager at SPI PRO (Smart Passive Income)Resources mentioned in this podcast:Join the SPI CommunitySmart passive IncomeBuilding My Freedom Business PodcastJillian's interview on the Smart Passive Income podcast.Jillian's role, within the community, is to support other entrepreneurs in their journey building their business.02:30 - Jillian explains that she is the Senior Community Experience Manager and shares what she has been doing before she landed her job at SPI PRO. Jillian shares that in the past she had her own business (fitness for new mums).03:55 - Erik asks Jillian about what it was like for her, for someone who has experienced working for themselves, to go back to having a job again. Erik also asks if she has any regrets.'Running your own business is a lot of work. I think I worked more running my own business'07:10 - Jillian explains that, when she first got a job, she would invest the money back into her own business. She talks about the part-time role she got working for a start-up, moving into a full-time role.'SPI MEDIA, we are not a start-up all though we operate like one''If I would to start up my own thing again, I would have so much more life education in it'08:55 - Erik asks Jillian if she knew of Pat Flynn before she ended up working there. Jillian shares the story of how she ended up working for Pat Flynn.Erik ' There's a lot of fake it till you make it in the online world'' I saw a job for SPI Media on the job board and I thought what the heck is that?'14:25    - Jillian talks about some of the challenges she faced when she started this job. Erik also asks her if she was given some freedom within her role to choose and try out things.'I have a lot of freedom. If I want to launch a programme in SPI PRO I could just go and do it'16:00 - Erik acknowledges that it sounds like she is still using her entrepreneurial skills.16:55 - Jillian talks about that it feels like she is working for an entrepreneur and she talks about the benefits ( health care, retirement, etc ) but at the same time you end up working in this freedom mindset. Jillian says: As long as I can back it up with some thoughtfulness, I can come up with new ideas.18:35 - Erik asks Jillian if she feels she has grown in a specific part in her role since she started to work for SPI Media?'Running a community where growth is not a huge priority, that quality is a huge priority, has been a delight''The members in SPI PRO are paying customers, so I need to make sure I am delivering'22:30 - Erik asks Jillian to share some of the events she has created in SPI PRO that got traction?27:55 - Jillian talks about the ingredients a  new community manager needs to make his or her community a success?'Building a community will take some of your time and you need to be willing to commit to that''One of the best things you can do to get your community to engage is ask the members what they want'31:00 - Erik asks Jillian to share (without giving away secrets) if there is anything new happening in the SPI Community.33:45 - After Erik asked Jillian where people should go if they want t
Aug 24 2021
35 mins
Episode 4: Interview with Lorraine Taylor from LorraineTaylor.com.
Welcome to the Building My Freedom Business podcast.Today's guest: Lorraine TaylorCompany name: www.lorrainetaylor.comBEbrandYOUDO!brandYOUContact Lorraine: www.lorrainetaylor.com - sign up to my news letter, contact me from mycontact page.Resources mentioned in this podcast:Book: Be Brand YouDoBookClubDo MembershipSPI PRO membership - If you sign up with this link, I will receive a commission. Live your best life with passion and purpose.'Lorraine is a speaker, author, coach, workshop facilitator and many more things..'01:45 -  Lorraine shares her background story.'The world was changing and we were going to be life-long learners'' I had 2 questions: Who am I' and 'Where is my community?'04:28 - Erik asks Lorraine what happened that she moved from Colorado, to Dubai and ending up in New-Zealand?05:37 -  Lorraine explains how she started her business in 2013 (BEbrandYOU)06:40 - Lorraine talks about the hurt she felt inside and her 'why' for starting her business.'My dad told me my reputation was important.  Today our reputation is our personal brand, it's just digital'08:20 - Erik asks Lorraine to describe what her work life looked like until the start of COVID                     (March 2020).09:45 - Lorraine answers Erik's question how she managed to be asked to speak in so many different place..10:50 - Erik asks Lorraine to share what changed in her customer's journey due to COVID.'In August 2020 I decided to go fully online'13:35 - Erik asks Lorraine to explain the journey that one of her customers will go throughfrom the moment they arrive on her website.15:50 - Lorraine gives an update on how things are going since she started in August 2020 (interview took place in July 2021)'Every year I have an accountability partner'16:50 - Erik brings up that something special is going to happen on the 4th September.Lorraine shares that she is opening up the doors to her BEbrandYOU community.The part that she is opening is the DO! Book Club. This community is already thriving.20:20 - Erik asks Lorraine to share how it has been beneficial for her to be part of the SPI PRO  community (SPI PRO is the community run by the team of Smart Passive Income).' To me community is everything'21:59 - Lorraine shares that she's doing a special project with her daughter. This project is about writing a book together, conversations between a mother and a daughter aboutthe question where am I from?26:50 - Erik asks Lorraine is she has one big take away for anyone listening who is in the midst of building their freedom business.
Aug 20 2021
30 mins
Episode 3: Interview with Ray Blakney from LiveLingua.com and PodcastHawk.com
Episode 3 of the Building My Freedom Business.Today's guest: Ray BlakneyIn this interview we talk about two of his businesses: LiveLingua.com and PodcastHawk.com.Resources mentioned in this podcast:https://www.livelingua.com PodcastHawk.com (affiliate link)SPI PRO (Pat Flynn's Community for entrepreneurs) - affiliate linkSummary:01:35 - Ray shares his background story of how he started in life and how he ended up                 starting a language business with his wife.'If they would write a book about your life, would anybody want to read it'05:15 - Ray talks about how he used the $5000 he got from the peace corps to start a brick and mortar business (teaching Spanish) in 2008.08:35 - Ray shares the story how and when they switched to online teaching.'I launched my most successful businesses during a pandemic'11:35 - Erik asks Ray, who between him and his wife, is the entrepreneur?12:35 - Erik asks Ray about his partnership between him and his wife.15:35 - Ray talks about where they were in their business when they started to add                 additional languages.16:25 - Erik asks Ray how he dealt with all the challenges around adding new languages.19:55 - Ray briefly started to talk about his new business ' Podcast Hawk '.20:45 - Erik asks Ray to describe the size of his business.22:15 - Ray talks about his bigger why for building his businesses.'I love launching businesses'23:15 - Ray explains his passion for wanting to start a social enterprise to help people from the developing world to start an online business.25:25 - Ray talks about how it has been beneficial being a member of the SPI PRO (Smart                 Passive Income) community.28:05 - Ray talk about his new business Podcast Hawk.Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/buildingmyfreedombusiness
Aug 19 2021
32 mins
Episode 2: Interview with Gert Mellak from SEOLEVERAGE.COM
Today's interview is with Gert Mellak from SEOLEVERAGE.COM.Resources mentioned in this interview:SEOLEVERAGE.COMSuperfast BusinessBook: The Erica Framework - Your Answer To The Toughest SEO ChallengesThe interview:01:08 - Gert shares his background story how how he became an entrepreneur and started SeoLeverage.com.03:50 - Erik asks Gert if he remembers a specific moment where he decided to work for                 himself.04:45 - Gert explains the services they offer at SeoLeverage.com. 'A good position in Google has a very big value''The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google''We expect & trust Google to have the perfect result on page 1''The goal is page 1, position 1'08:55 - Gert shares what he thinks about when he hears the words 'freedom business'.                 He also talks about the shift from working as a solo entrepreneur to start                 building a team.12:10 - Gert talks about what drives him to build his business ( what is his bigger why?).16:45 - Gert shares what he does outside of work to re-charge his battery.19:25 - Gert is asked for advice for people like me who want to move from having just a job                 in your own business to start building a proper business.'You can't be half pregnant, you need to go all in, be consistent and patient'23:05 - Gert shares where he wants to go with SeoLeverage.com.24:35 - Gert talks about the benefits of partnering with James Schramko and being                 part of his community Superfast Business.27:30 - Gert talks about his book 'The Erica Framework''What I most love is talking to clients'
Aug 18 2021
31 mins
Episode 1: Interview with Steve Mastroianni, author of the book Hobby Boss
In this episode I interview Steve Mastroianni, author of the book Hobby Boss 'Turn your passion into profits online' and founder of his business Rock Star Mind.Summary of the interview:2:28 - Welcome3:40 - Steve's background story6:40 - Steve talks about how the bank he played in got signed by Gene Simmons from KISSQuote: 'Your network is your net worth'9:40 - I ask Steve to explain why he is so driven..Quote: ' I can not have a job, I can not work for someone else '12:20 - I ask Steve what he thinks about, when he hears the words 'freedom business'?14:50 - Steve talks about his relationship with his wife as well as running his business.Quote: 'Having someone who does what you don't do is very important'19:10 - We take a deep-dive into two concepts from his book Hobby Boss. Quote from Tim Grover's book Winning:' In school, the test comes after the lesson. In life/business, the test comes before the lesson'.29:10 - Steve talks about the different kind of income streams people can build from their hobby businesses. 31:40 - Steve talks about how beneficial it has been to be part of the Superfast Business community run by James Schramko.32:20 - Steve talks about where he hopes to be in 3 years time.How to contact Steve: steve@rockstarmind.com Resources mentioned in the interview:The book Hobby Boss - www.hobbybossbook.com The book Winning by Tim Grover.Steve's company: www.rockstarmind.com. Let's connect in our Facebook group at www.facebook.com/buildingmyfreedombusiness.com. If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a great podcast guest, please send an email to team@buildingmyfreedombusiness.com.Erik WagterHost of the Building My Freedom Business podcast
Aug 17 2021
35 mins