Corinna and The King


Corinna and the King is the unbelievable true story of a love affair that brought the Spanish royal family to its knees. When Corinna, a worldly and well-connected businesswoman, fell in love with Juan Carlos I, the king of Spain, he seemed too big to fail. Their secret romance stretched across continents, but its unraveling would open a window into a dangerous world of greed, corruption, and crime. Vast pools of hidden wealth; international espionage and conspiracy; scandal, elephant hunting, and unstoppable lust… all tracing back to one of the most secretive royalties in the world.

This is Corinna and the King, a co-production by Brazen, PRX and La Coctelera Music. Este podcast también está disponible en español. Para escuchar, busca Corinna y el Rey en tu plataforma de podcasts favorita.

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Our Editor's Take

Who is Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, also known as Corinna Larsen, and what is her story? Did she vanquish a king? In the Corinna and the King podcast, Corinna tells her story for the first time. The love affair between Juan Carlos I and Corinna is abundant with mystery. It involves kings, criminals, money, and desire. This podcast reveals what happened when this Danish businessperson fell in love with royalty. It could have been a fairytale. Instead, it is a tale of intrigue and heartbreak.

Corinna first met the then-king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, at a hunting event in 2004. Their eyes met across a shotgun. Soon, he began calling her, and they started dating later that year. The podcast explains that at first, it was magical and sweet. Juan Carlos promised his soon-to-be ex-lover that Queen Sofia didn't mind their affair. By 2009, he had proposed to her, although his wife still lived. What followed was deceit and distrust.

What happened between 2009 and 2022, when Corinna filed a lawsuit against the king? What money changed hands, and why? What made the king claim Corinna owed him $65 million? Each episode of the Corinna and the King podcast explains. It unveils another key aspect of their love mixed with corruption. Research suggests the monarch had hundreds of lovers over the years. He even tried to seduce Princess Diana. Yet this ex-mistress was different. He may have paid many women to keep silent, but he wanted more from Corinna.

The podcast investigates whether Juan Carlos abdicated his throne because of Corinna. Their business relationship and friendship continued after their affair ended. This entanglement involved oversea properties, secret payments from Saudi Arabia, and disingenuous gifts. There were threats against the lives of her children and herself. The king was demanding huge sums. On this show, the audience can hear from Corinna what happened in this bizarre tale. Will the podcast reveal it all? Corinna and the King fans will have to listen to find out.

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