Birth, Baby, and Life

Kristen Burgess: Crazy About Everything Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby

Kristen Burgess shares everything you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting in the Birth, Baby, and Life podcast.  Pregnancy, baby care, toddlers, and managing motherhood are all covered!
BBL 173: Pregnancy Body Changes Nobody Tells You AboutBBL 172: The Best Birth Positions to Catch Your Own BabyBBL 171: Write the Perfect Natural Birth PlanBBL 170: What To Do When You Keep Yelling at Your KidsBBL 169: What To Do When Labor Throws the UnexpectedBBL 168: Pregnancy and Birth Are a Forgotten Rite of PassageBBL 167 – How to Get Off the Childbirth Conveyor Belt (and have a Sacred Birth Instead)BBL 166 When You Feel Unhappy With Your Last BirthBBL 165: Why It’s Okay to Feel Upset About Your Last BirthBBL 164: The Real System Behind ChildbirthBBL 163 – Is Birth a Medical Event?BBL 162: So, You Want a Faster Labor?BBL 161: How to Stay In Control During ChildbirthBBL 160: How to Practice for Natural ChildbirthBBL 159: What is Dad’s Role in Birth?BBL 158: How to Handle Haters When You Plan a Natural BirthBBL 157: The Truth About Exercise and Childbirth with Deb FlashenbergBBL 156 Self-Care is Non-Negotiable for MomsBBL 155: Should You Use Mother-Directed Pushing?BBL Special: How to Prepare for a Natural Birth (and updates)