The Olympic Dream- with 3x Olympian Karen Furneaux

SPARK, A Mother-Daughter Journey

Apr 1 2022 • 49 mins

In this episode, Sophia and Jenny share reflections on their public speaking to a school in NB, and have a good chuckle at Jenny’s rather intense approach to health and healing with grade eights. They discuss the training opportunities coming up with Women of Light and Girl on Fire Empowerment, and share some excitement about their upcoming visit to California.
The conversation with Strong Beauty author, Karen Furneaux begins with the acknowledgment of what a generous and kind person Karen is and how much light she shines into the world. She then describes her journey as a young athlete, driven by big dreams who eventually joins the ranks of the small percentage of athletes who actually realize their Olympic dream.
Karen discusses her rituals on the water that helped her to enter the flow state before every kayak race and the importance of breath for connecting her mind to her body, which she claims is a key factor in any performance.
She shared about her transition from the role of athlete to that of CBC broadcaster and how she’s learned to view new beginnings as exciting, in order to manage stress and anxiety.
Conversation closes with Karen‘s passion for speaking to students and her new role with kids help phone. She finds it deeply gratifying to support someone through their darkest moments, and we are all so blessed to have people like Karen walking the earth.
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