On Walking Through the Valley of Grief with Alexa Gearhart

The Rooted Moms Podcast

Apr 29 2024 • 41 mins

In this touching episode, Alexa Gearhart opens up about her personal journey through grief, a topic that deeply resonates with all of us. Alexa shares her emotional story of losing her baby just days before his due date, and offers encouragement to others facing grief.

Together we’ll learn:

  • How to find comfort and strength in God during moments of immense sorrow
  • How Jesus' suffering can guide us through grief and trials
  • The nuances of grieving within a marriage and how to access faith-based support resources
  • How to support loved ones who may be facing grief

To all moms facing grief, we pray this episode brings you comfort and guidance along your journey.

About Alexa Gearhart: Alexa resides in North Carolina with her husband of ten years, Brad, and their three daughters. As a work-from-home, homeschooling mom, she also serves as the Rooted Kids Director at Rooted Moms. Alexa is actively engaged in their church community and the ministry of Camp Duncan. In addition to her various roles, she is the founder of Even In The Valley, a ministry supporting families through infant loss.