The Power of Life-Giving Community

The Rooted Moms Podcast

Oct 17 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Welcome back for the second episode of The Rooted Moms Podcast with special guest, Jessica Parker. In today’s episode, we'll explore—

🌱 What is a life-giving community?

🌱 Why is being a part of a life-giving community so important?

🌱 How can a life-giving community impact myself and my family?

🌱 How do I find a life-giving community?

🌱 …and more!

The Rooted Moms Podcast connects scripture to real mom life. Mom life is complicated but growing in your faith doesn’t have to be. Each episode, we’ll take a look at a common struggle we all face and hold it up to the light of the truth of God’s Word. Rooted Moms Ministries provides practical tools, community, and encouragement that help moms become rooted in Christ so that they may thrive in every season of life.

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