Financially Inclined


“Financially Inclined” is all about money lessons for living life your own way. Every week, financial literacy advocate Yanely Espinal makes learning about money simple, so you can make the most of your life. Because while money can’t buy you happiness, it definitely can’t hurt. This show is created by Marketplace, in collaboration with Next Gen Personal Finance.

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Our Editor's Take

Yanely Espinal, host of the Financially Inclined podcast, wasn't always a money expert. It's actually quite the opposite. Growing up in Brooklyn, her immigrant Dominican parents didn't talk about money. But Espinal knew that they were struggling. When she got to college, she started depending on credit cards for everything. Espinal used it for her textbooks, a laptop, and even to fund a spring break trip with her friends.

By the time she graduated, the future podcast host had four different credit cards open. She had racked up almost $20,000 in credit card debt. This was in addition to her student loan. That made her feel embarrassed and isolated. It was like money and debt were completely in control of her life.

Yet, in Espinal's first real job after college, she found that her case wasn't unique. She was teaching in a school where most of the students came from similar backgrounds as her. There, Espinal realized that no one was teaching people of color (POC) and children of immigrants anything about finances. They knew nothing about the basics because they had nowhere to learn it. This prompted Espinal to choose a new career path. She now works with teachers nationwide to ensure that schools provide financial education.

Financially Inclined is an extension of Espinal's work with schools. It's a podcast with teenagers and young adults in mind. But it can provide life lessons about budgeting, investing, buying a car, and more, for any age. Its goal is to help the listeners take control of their lives through knowledge about money.

The experts on the podcast are not typical finance professionals. These are not investment bankers, advisors, or scholars. Instead, Espinal invites TikTok influencers, YouTube creators, and reputable journalists. The host understands that money talk can often be boring. So she makes a point of inviting people whose entire job is to entertain. But they still have vast knowledge in the field. Together, Espinal hopes to make finances more accessible to young POC, and everyone who needs it. Financially Inclined is a helpful public radio podcast.

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