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An illuminating, conversational podcast about the surprising histories behind the foods we love. Did you know Mussolini tried to ban pasta in Italy? Or that Cajun food has proud Canadian ancestry? Guests are a mix of experts in their fields and professional funny people, so you'll probably learn something and maybe have a chuckle, too. Hosted by Katherine Spiers, former food editor at LA Weekly and current manager of the website How to Eat L.A. read less


Raw Milk
Apr 10 2024
Raw Milk
Do I drink it? Yes. Am I a sovereign citizen? Depends on my mood. (Written version here.) Listen to Smart Mouth: iTunes • Google Podcasts • Pandora • Spotify • TuneIn • Libsyn • Amazon Music Check out all our episodes so far here. If you like, pledge a buck or two on Patreon. If you'd rather make a one-time gift, I'm on Venmo and PayPal. Katherine TikTok Smart Mouth newsletter Smart Mouth IG Music: Freedom! '90 - George Michael Sources (I over-researched this one. I may or may not have used info from every source here, but I figured I'd include them all to be safe.): lies,not%20treated%20with%20supplemental%20hormones.,immune%20system%20and%20gastrointestinal%20tract