Delivering Immediate Needs with Gopuff's Alina Bilger & Andy Berman

The CPG Guys

May 5 2021 • 38 mins

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Alina Bilger Chief of Staff to the CEOs & Andy Berman VP Marketing Solutions from Gopuff, an immediate needs home delivery business.

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Andy & Alina answer these questions:

  1. Alina - What were the consumer needs that Gopuff was trying to address with its business model and why did you decide to control the entire experience from browsing through purchase to fulfillment?
  2. Andy - You have nearly 10 years of experience at Facebook building its audience network. What has been your focus since joining Gopuff?
  3. Andy - How has Gopuff involved brands in creating a compelling customer experience through your service?
  4. Alina - What kinds of insights are available to brands selling through your platform and what insights do you look for brands to bring you when presenting new items or conducting business reviews with Gopuff?
  5. Alina - Last year, Gopuff decided to acquire a traditional brick & mortar alcohol beverage retailer on the west coast, Bevmo! Would you please share with our audience the strategic intent behind this acquisition and what synergies will benefit your customers?
  6. Andy - Brands are always interested in creating awareness for their products and winning search on whatever site their products compete. How is Gopuff enabling this to occur for brands? In other words, where is goPuff on the retail media journey?
  7. Andy - How do you counsel brands on investing with Gopuff to grow their businesses?
  8. Alina - What are the strategic imperatives that you are pursuing to grow Gopuff and to win more customers to your platform?

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