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Dean Winchester
Nov 24 2023
Dean Winchester
We wrap up Erin's birthday month celebration with a look at her favorite fictional character; Dean Winchester from the CW show, Supernatural! Paula and Susi join Erin to discuss why they love Dean, some of their favorite Dean storylines and episodes, his mental health struggles, his relationships with Sam, Cas, John, and Mary, give some fanfic recs and discuss what their dream finale for Dean would have been. Trigger Warnings: Mentions of suicide, depression, alcoholism, child neglect, queerbaiting, and self-hatred. Link to the unedited three-and-a-half-hour video version of the episode: Links to fanfics mentioned in the episode: Erin's Dean in Therapy fic: Who Wants to Live Forever: And This, Your Living Kiss: The Kinks: For excellent bonus content and ad-free versions, please support us on Patreon: You can follow us on Facebook: Twitter: @fandomthingpod Instagram: @itsafandomthingpod Discord: You can follow Fergie on TikTok: Cover art by Carla Temis. Podcast logo by Erin Amos. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit