Ep 2.5: Silver Machine


Feb 25 2021 • 29 mins

Our path on the Hawkbinge journey generally leads us through all of Hawkwind's vast array studio albums.  However, it happens to be the case that the biggest (and only) Hawkwind hit and their most well-known song by far is a non-album single, the legendary Silver Machine.  It would seem like a dereliction of duty for us to skip over this landmark, heralding, as it does, the arrival on one Lemmy Kilmister and a spot on BBC's Top Of The Pops.  So here is a bonus podcast where Matt will give us his reaction to this iconic track after hearing it for the first time, provided he can work out which version of it he is supposed to be listening to...

In addition to Matt's hot-take on SIlver Machine, there is the singles chart for August 13th 1972 and Matt's take on the B-side, Seven By Seven.

Many thanks to those who have commented on our channels and reviewed/rated the podcast - we recorded this bonus episode last week, but will be shouting out to you in the next episode.

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