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#9: Understanding LLMs and Breaking Down the AI Hype, with Dr. Alex Hanna & Prof. Emily M. Bender
Sep 21 2023
#9: Understanding LLMs and Breaking Down the AI Hype, with Dr. Alex Hanna & Prof. Emily M. Bender
In this exclusive live talk, Luiza Jarovsky discusses with Dr. Alex Hanna and Prof. Emily M. Bender:What the current AI hype is about, and what are the main counter-arguments;Why the "Stochastic Parrots" 🦜 paper (co-authored by Prof. Bender, Dr. Gebru, and others) caused so much buzz in AI circles, and what we can learn from it;How AI dataset development works and what the potential privacy and fairness implications are;How we can think of AI development in the context of protecting fundamental rights;How AI ethics and privacy professionals can work together in the context of better AI governance systems;Dr. Alex Hanna is the Director of Research at The Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR), and Prof. Emily M. Bender is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington. Their work is pioneer and game-changing, and they are among the most important voices in the current debate around ethical, safe, and fair AI practices. It is my greatest honor to host them in this talk, and I invite you to join us live in September. Luiza Jarovsky is a lawyer, CEO of Implement Privacy, and author of The Privacy Whisperer newsletter & podcast.Read more about Luiza's work at http://www.luizajarovsky.comSubscribe to The Privacy Whisperer newsletter: http://www.theprivacywhisperer.comCheck out the courses and training programs Luiza is leading at http://www.implementprivacy.comFollow Luiza on social media:LinkedIn: