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Since June 2018, The Big Story podcast has provided news coverage of happenings in Canada. The award-winning show offers daily news and thorough analysis of events. It updates listeners on topics that matter to Canadians. Listeners get fresh insight into issues in politics, the economy, Canada's healthcare system, and more. With its informative interviews and understated humor, the podcast also provides thorough entertainment.

Jordan-Heath Rawling is the creator and host of The Big Story. For many years, he worked in several publications as a reporter and editor. The Canadian media expert has over two decades of experience. Rawling pivoted into podcasting in 2018 when he started the Frequency Podcast Network. The network has over 30 shows in its catalog. The Big Story is the platform's primary podcast.

The show involves a curious person talking to smart people to get answers for the benefit of others. Veteran reporters, writers, authors, and experts from various sectors offer their perspectives. Rawling and his guests discuss essential happenings in 30 minutes or less. Many discussion topics transcend Canada-focused issues and have a universality. For example, the Cannabis Act, Ukraine, and the overdose crisis are all topics in The Big Story.

In one episode, Rawling and guest Lorraine Sommerfeld discuss the millions of vehicles recalled in Canada. They share current data about the high number of recalls in the country. According to them, one out of five car owners have received recall notices. Listeners learn why car makers communicate with car owners when there is an issue. Many interesting details about the automotive industry emerge in their conversation.

From Ontario to Toronto, the daily podcast promises widespread and thorough news coverage. But listeners don't have to be Canadian to enjoy The Big Story podcast. Anyone curious about happenings in the country may find something here.

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