Airline ticket sales take off but what’s left and why high oil prices can be positive

BofA Global Research Podcasts

Jun 1 2022 • 17 mins

Ticket sales for US airlines are close to fully recovered, but there are still demand drivers ahead

Airline ticket prices are up relative to 2019 as demand recovers but supply isn't back to pre-pandemic levels. Corporate travel had lagged but is catching up quickly. But investors are trying to gauge the sustainability of the recovery, whether pent up demand fades and whether higher prices push the consumer to pursue lower altitude modes of transportation. Andrew joins us to discuss why he believes there's still demand strength ahead, how ticket prices still compare favorably to history and to other services in these inflationary times and the impact that higher oil and pilot shortages could have-one that is both positive and negative. You may also enjoy listening to the Merrill Perspectives podcast, featuring conversations on the big stories, news and trends affecting your everyday financial life

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