NATURAL WELLNESS FOR CHRISTIAN MOMS™ | Stress Management, Anxiety Management, Scripture, Essential Oil Hacks, More Energy, Better Sleep

Christen Christian | Certified Essential Oil Specialist

Hey Mama, do you constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed? Do you lash out at your husband and children as a result of feeling burned out and having no more patience? Are you ready to cave under the pressure to get everything done? Do you desperately wish you could stop feeling behind, inadequate, and just not enough? Do you desire to connect with God and feel closer to him, but feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? You are not alone, sister! I am so excited you are here! This podcast will help you manage stress naturally, so you can feel more confident and content despite the stressors of motherhood, feel at peace, and feel connected to God in the middle of the chaos of motherhood. Hey, I’m Christen. A mom, wife, Jesus lover, and user of essential oils. I did not understand what anxiety was until I became a mother, and how the stress of juggling it all could weigh me down. So, I sought out other ways to manage the stress - working out, eating better, drinking all the coffee and even sought self-care through social media and binge-watching Netflix after the kids were in bed. But it wasn’t sustainable, and the calm of the moment would cease to exist when I re-entered the overwhelming reality of motherhood again. I found myself physically, mentally, and emotionally drained-wishing I could be anywhere but home, while also feeling guilty for wanting a break from the constant tug of mother and wife responsibilities. The frustrations of constantly being needed and never being able to complete a task at home without a thousand interruptions began to pour into a tall glass of passive-aggressiveness toward my husband when he got home from work. But God, He is faithful, and He is good. He used my love for His word and essential oils to show me and teach me how to create habits to slow down in the moments of chaos, find peace in the midst of overwhelm and stress, and how to have more energy, better sleep and manage stress so that I can be FAITHFUL IN WHATEVER task He puts before me. Now, I have confidence in knowing that through the renewing of my mind, and the empowering of my body through natural wellness, I can manage stress in a way that glorifies God. Despite the never-ending list of to do’s or what feels like the thankless tasks of motherhood, I am content with my identity in Christ. And as the Lord fills my cup, I can overflow with love, joy , peace , patience , kindness, goodness and faithfulness to my children and to my husband, REGARDLESS OF MY CIRCUMSTANCES AND DESPITE MY FEELINGS. IF YOU ARE READY to finally find an easy way to manage stress using scripture and essential oils so you can… >Feel connected to God; >Be confident; >Be content of who you are in Christ; >Find true peace; and >Know how to use essential oils for more energy, better rest and manage stress- this podcast is for you! So grab whatever you can find to write on, Mama, and let’s get started! Connect with me at *The statements in this podcast have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.* read less
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