The Krispy Kraken - Pirate Podcast

Voltz Supreme

The Krispy Kraken Pirate Podcast is an immersive, dark-comedy audio adventure, inspired by Monkey Island, classic pirate fantasy novels and historical accounts.

Each episode follows the journey of hopeless protagonist Voltz as he struggles to be accepted as a genuine pirate. After washing up on the shore of the mysterious Scumm Island, he finds himself living and working at the famous Krispy Kraken, a pirate tavern owned by the notorious, now ex-pirate, Captain Two Eyed Willy!

While the focus will be on original material by Voltz Supreme, the podcast is also a celebration of pirate stories, pop-culture and music from films, video games and beyond.

Please use HEADPHONES.

All original Music and SFX are made available to the public as a royalty-free music & sfx pack via Unity Asset Store,, Unreal Marketplace and more.

Krispy Kraken albums can also be enjoyed on all major streaming platforms. Search “Voltz Supreme”.

Visit for more information.

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