FILO Podcast

Todd Elliott

FILO Podcast continues the conversations started at FILO Conference and carries them throughout the year. Todd Elliott hosts the podcast and interviews key influencers in the world of church production to talk about ideas that affect all of us involved in pulling off weekend services.

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Episode 080: Alex Sawyer
Episode 080: Alex SawyerEpisode 079: Aubrey WentzEpisode 078: Andreas PantliEpisode 077: Clay ScrogginsEpisode 076: Ashlee EilandEpisode 075: Wes HarrisEpisode 074: Becky YkemaEpisode 073: Jeremy Van ValkenburgEpisode 072: Alan RiggsEpisode 071: Pete RichardsonEpisode 070: Ryan PribylEpisode 069: Jeremy Bagwell, Ross