Mindset - The Tug of War

Major Pane Podcast

Nov 24 2021 • 30 mins

We've got taught how to fight for everything, hold things back so that we have enough. These lessons have made us fear the unknown as well as stunt our growth.

Growth they say is uncomfortable; how comfortable are you to exhibit an abundance mindset?

In this episode, we looked into the lives of six people to see how the scarcity mindset expresses itself, the impact of such philosophy and how to launch yourself into an abundance mindset.

In this episode, I discussed the following;

3:38 - What is scarcity mentality?

How does the scarcity mindset express itself in

4:44 - Relationship

6:37 - Family

7:46 - Career

9:40 - Friendship

11:27 - The core difference between scarcity mindset and abundance mindset

11:43 - How abundance mindset expresses itself (recitation)

12:59 - Acceptance

15:15 - Gratitude

18:05 - Servant Leadership

20:29 - My story

23:18 - The fourth item in your toolbox

28:11 - Conclusion


Article: What is scarcity mentality

Book: Carol Dweck Mindset

Hinge: https://www.hinge.co/

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