This Year’s Miss Congeniality is . . . Sandra Bullock (with Joel Kim Booster)

HBO Max Movie Club

Oct 17 2022 • 39 mins

If there is one thing we all want a little more than world peace, it’s Matt Rogers and comedian Joel Kim Booster to relive the Sandra Bullock masterpiece that is “Miss Congeniality.” Joining the movie club again this season, Joel and Matt rival mixed reviews for the film with their appreciation for every quotable moment and Bullock’s endless number of dedicated pratfalls. Bullock plays an undercover FBI agent who transforms from one of the boys to become a pageant queen in order to investigate a bomb threat targeting the Miss United States beauty pageant. With effortless performances from the likes of Michael Caine and Candice Bergen to William Shatner and Benjamin Bratt, the film is as far-fetched as it is loveable. Thankfully, Joel - ever the Sandra enthusiast - uplifts moments that gracefully highlight Bullock as the versatile and fearless comedic actress that she is.

Watch on HBO via HBO Max: “Miss Congeniality” until December 31, 2022

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