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This podcast covers the practitioners, modalities, passions, topics & conversations of the team and community of Watershed Wellness. Located on the mighty Columbia River in Astoria, OR, the clinic integrates acupuncture, Chinese herbalism, Naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, organic skincare and a compassionate, intentional approach to healthcare.The podcast is run and promoted by clinic co-owner Eric Grey, MS, LAc who previously taught Chinese medicine and practice management for a decade at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. He is joined by other Watershed practitioners and members of the community to discuss a wide range of topics. We're currently in our second season, begun in March 2022.Please visit our website at watershedwellnessastoria.com/podcast/ to learn more about us and the podcast, and to give us feedback and suggestions. Thank you for listening! read less
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Eric Grey introduces the Chinese medicine concept of organ systems
Nov 17 2022
Eric Grey introduces the Chinese medicine concept of organ systems
This is the first of a 13 episode series that will cover some rich and useful information about the Chinese medicine concept of organ systems. In this introduction to the series, Eric Grey discusses the basics of Chinese medicine symbolism with a particular focus on organ systems. You'll learn about what makes the ancient Chinese way of looking at organ systems different from conventional biomedical ideas, and why that's important. This information will be useful as we unpack the 12 organ systems over the next 12 months.You can use the links below to learn more about many of the concepts that Eric discusses. If you have any questions about this, or any information in any of our podcasts, don't hesitate to head over to our podcast page and ask a question using the contact form.We look forward to sharing this fascinating and clinically relevant information with you!Basic overview of Chinese medicine foundational science (by Eric on the WW website)A new page that gives an overview of the Chinese medicine organ systems, on the WW website.7 Unique Facets of Chinese Medicine Organ Systems (old article by Eric on his Whole Life Practitioner website)A basic intro to the organ clock (by Eric on his Whole Life Practitioner website)The best version of the "Chinese organ clock" - this one by Heiner Fruehauf, he calls it a "holomap." We will reference this often during the series.Wikipedia page on "Yin Yang" which is referenced in this episode, take a look at the image for a good example of a symbol used in Chinese philosophy.A nice overview of the five phases, an important set of relational symbols related to the organ systems, from website TCMWorld.