DJ and Da Bear: Keeping You at the Top of Your Game

DeEtta Jones and Richard Dent

DJ and Da Bear: Keeping You at the Top of Your Game is hosted by leadership and personal effectiveness thought leader, DeEtta Jones, and her iconic athlete partner, Richard Dent. DeEtta is outgoing, passionate, spunky, diplomatic and funny—a true “next generation leader.” She believes that you get more flies with honey but responds with ferocity to injustice. Richard is stoic, unrelenting and has a killer instinct. His claim to fame has been kicking ass and taking names. Together they raise children, own two successful businesses, lead philanthropic efforts through their foundation and live fascinating, fast-paced, celebrity lifestyles.brbr Displayed through the lenses of their multi-faceted relationship, DeEtta and Richard showcase a wide array of subjects about which they have expertise and draw upon an extensive network for intellectual, business and athletic giants to keep you anxious for more. read less
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