EPISODE 06: Duck Lander Calls – pt2

Rogers Waterfowl Podcast

Sep 5 2018 • 1 hr 4 mins

Liberty, MO – AAron Jones, Chandler Smith, and Gregory Mashburn sit down with Bobby Hayes of Duck Lander Calls. Topics covered: blowing a duck call for 20 straight minutes, running through the Duck Lander line-up of calls, finding your pressure, how grunting is not required, getting started in duck calling, yelling at ducks, calling with sounds vs words, cutdown calls, consistency with your pressure, cadence vs feed call, learning pressure, ringing a call, limited edition DLC calls, watching instructional videos, hand position on a call, is making the OK sign bad, flutes, mistakes in the field, blaming spinners, and the DLC duck whistle. Rogers Sporting Goods