#193 How Virtual Assistants Can Transition from Hourly to Project Rates

Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Feb 6 2024 • 20 mins

Are you tired of tracking every little hour? Do you feel like a smooth, well-oiled machine ready to charge a flat rate? Hourly rates are a good way to start when you’re a new virtual assistant or service provider. But over time you end up feeling undervalued and struggling to communicate your worth. It's time to break free from the hourly grind and confidently shift to project rates that truly reflect the value you bring to your clients.

What should you say when you've been doing the work for your clients and you're ready to move to a project rate? You need to be in this sweet spot place where you really know what you're doing work-wise. You have to get results, understand those results, and understand how long things take you.

Listen in to learn more about

  • why project rates increase profitability and flexibility
  • understanding your client's business to deliver tailored digital marketing strategies
  • providing value-based services to create long-term partnerships
  • how to gain confidence in pricing strategies for fair compensation
  • setting boundaries to maintain healthy client relationships

You know in your heart if you're ready to make the switch from hourly to project rates. Tune in as we navigate this transition together to honor your expertise and worth.

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