The Rabbi and I

Kenneth Block

When people ask Rabbi Block a question they frequently preface the question by telling him not to answer with a question! And he can’t agree more. When People ask a question they are looking for an answer and not to be asked a question. “The Rabbi and I” podcasts are exactly that, answers to questions that Joe and Rabbi Block have been asked. The podcasts begin with Joe asking for Rabbi Block’s opinion, thoughts, views, etc. on questions that have caught his attention. He is looking for moral, spiritual, and religious guidance. And that is what Rabbi Block provides, understandable and common sense answers from nor only the Jewish tradition, but from the wisdom of other traditions as well. Rabbi Ken Block, aka “Rabbi On the Go” offers wit and wisdom on a variety of topics to Joe, the “not a Jew.” Rabbi Block is “Rabbi Emeritus” for a Reform, interfaith congregation in Chantilly, Virginia. Rabbi Block relies on his experience as a behavioral therapist and teacher to give spontaneous wisdom on any topic. Joe, like the Rabbi, was taught by Jesuits and together they explore the commonalities and contrasts in modern religion, events and experiences. Feel free to make requests or volunteer to be a guest with the topic of your choice. read less