NDNRezTalk with The Nativeguy, NativeSmoke, and Smokes Alot

Rez Talk with The Native Guy

Jan 17 2023 • 43 mins

Welcome to another episode of Rez talk, where discussions and various topics are discussed in studio teepee one live on the plains of Oklahoma, Washington, Montana, and Nebraska!

This episode we welcome host Trent NativeSmoke, who hails from the Yakima Reservation! A HINU alum, and musician, as well Smokes a lot who calls in from Montana!

Native topics that start with intros, and then a little discussion on shaker church, a brief mention of the longhouse, Yakima, Blacklodge singers, then a serious topic from Reservation Dogs, which airs on HULU.

Listen in as this lively discussion 1 of 2 parts, with this ending and setting up for a serious topics about Native communities!