Keep Moving on down the Powwow Trail #music #follow

Rez Talk with The Native Guy

Feb 17 2023 • 1 hr

Content creation, sounds from TikTok (Twitch Native sound), Sten Joddi, MMIW songs, Peyote songs, listen to the various sounds of Native American music and creators! All music is for educational pursposes, and to highlight the music from indigenous people in the four directions of Turtle Island! follow us on facebook! Find the live streams and content daily on! Support Independent Indigenous Media! donate and become a supporter to help you expand your content! Ask us how @! Intro from "Rez Life" By Blue Flamez Music from Southern Boys Singers - 'Coastin' "brothers for life" CD Cedardale singers - Carnegie, Oklahoma Sten Joddi - "All I know", "Reflections" find more at Brock Stonefish - Butterfly - MMIW song #newmusic #follow #trend