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Imagine having a career that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and gives you the opportunity to make real positive impact in the world. Is this possible? I believe so! Join me as I explore the many opportunities in a changing world, and how we can all find the best combination of a good life and work we love, on a planet that doesn't mind us being here.

It's ok to change your mind, a replay with Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone
Jan 27 2022
It's ok to change your mind, a replay with Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone
A few weeks ago I talked about how I use deign thinking to try to design my work life and also try to use that in many parts of my life, I quoted Bill Burnett. «No plan for life survives first contact with reality» This quote came up and tapped me on the head this week.  Like; you said this out loud, now I will show you this in real life. I had all these plans this week. I was going to do an interview that I was really looking forward to, I was going to record this great solo episode, I had a very important meeting with a local project I am involved with.  And so on and so on.But then Covid came along. No drama there, I am totally ok, but of course Covid puts a few restrictions on life. So with very limited voice and also a little less energy and obviously not being allowed to go out, I had to postpone everything and make some adjustments. So now I am doing a little time traveling, using my voice from a year back, and also someone else’s brilliant voice. This brilliant voice belongs to Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone.  She was my very first guest after I changed the language of this podcast to English, and this episode is one of my favorites! The topics we discussed back then; of pivoting, of designing your life, and of allowing yourself to change your mind, are so relevant to what I have been talking about in other episodes lately. So I hope you enjoy this replay. You can find all the relevant links to things mentioned in the episode at