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You're in the woods with your best friends, the campfire is roaring, and you’re telling scary stories. If that’s your thing, then this podcast is for you. We tell first and second hand stories in a non-dramatized setting. 3AM is the telling of supernatural occurrences and exploration of the unknown hosted by Charles Hatch, DeeJay Pasikala, & Sean Gassaway. Want an extra story with every episode? Click here! read less

Our Editor's Take

Lots of people love a good ghost story or campfire tale. 3AM Scary Stories is a podcast that offers listeners that. And for those listeners of certain ages, the show is a special treat. For those 90's kids old enough to remember, the podcast is reminiscent of the classic TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark? Older listeners may think of stories they heard at slumber parties. No matter what one's point of reference is, this podcast is entertaining.

There are three hosts on 3AM Scary Stories. Charlie Hatch is more or less the frontman of the group. Since his childhood, he has had several paranormal experiences. These have caused him to be curious about things that science cannot explain. Sean Gassaway is the skeptic of the trio. Despite that, he is also the most adventurous of the three when it comes to the real world. That fascinating dichotomy allows him to offer a lot of interesting insights. Deejay Pasikala helps round out the trio with humor and heart. The show says he is the friendliest group member. He manages to bring levity to the podcast.

One of the things that makes 3AM Scary Stories so much fun is the friendship between the three hosts. It's clear they are actual friends when they are not working together. The fact they are having so much fun spending time with one another helps keep the show exciting.

Despite its title, the hosts share more than scary stories. They also tell stories about themselves and what they are up to in their personal lives. True crime stories may also come up as well. These personal notes allow listeners to feel like they are getting to know them.

3AM Scary Stories premieres new episodes on Thursdays of each week.

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