Aliza Abarbanel & Matt Rodbard

If you're a fan of smart and lively conversations about food, home cooking, and culture, this is the place. We interview the most interesting characters in the world of food, media, and cookbooks and release episodes several times a month. The program is hosted by TASTE editors Aliza Abarbanel and Matt Rodbard, and is sometimes recorded live at Rizzoli Bookstore in New York City.

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Our Editor's Take

Food culture has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the last several years. The This Is TASTE podcast is a place where food fans from across the globe can celebrate their love of all things food-related. It spotlights some of the best New York City chefs and answers questions about food. How creative can one get with Japanese food? Does Spam really have multiple uses? How many ways are there to make sourdough? This podcast tries to answer questions like these in a fun and informative fashion.

The host of the This Is TASTE podcast is Matt Rodbard. The podcast comes from the TASTE website, where Matt is a founding editor. He has written several cookbooks, including Food IQ. He is also a contributing writer and editor to various other culinary books and food websites. Matt has a sincere passion for trying to spotlight the best new chefs he encounters through his work.

The This Is TASTE podcast features interviews with exciting and innovative chefs. These include people such as Caroline Schiff, Maya Kaimal, and Wylie Dufresne. Rodbard also interviews his fellow food journalists. Marissa Mullen, Alex Prud'homme, and Chanie Apfelbaum have made previous appearances on the podcast. Delia Cai has been a guest on the show as well.

However, one doesn't have to be a chef or food critic to be a part of the podcast. Actors such as Dan Ahdoot and Zosia Mamet have also appeared in previous episodes. One also does not have to be a food and wine expert to enjoy this podcast. The only prerequisite required is a curiosity about food-and people.

The This Is TASTE podcast is a celebration of not only food, but food culture as well. It is a forum to appreciate the people whose time and talent allow the general public to remain fed and happy.

New episodes of the podcast are available three times a week. These episodes premiere on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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