Behind the Lens

Pete D’Alonzo

Our radio show will cover views and thoughts that aren’t normally spoken over the air. I investigate and pick the brains of my guests on scenarios that may have occurred during broadcasts or the lives and times of their playing careers. My approach will be a totally different interpretation from other individuals. My main perspective is making the program both informative as well as entertaining. There will be no holds barred on the topics covered. Many new innovations have been introduced in TV and many things have been taken away from the simplicity of the coverage. The guests will have the soapbox to emphasize the values and faults that have entrenched the airwaves. We will also touch on the transitions that have occurred in the interpretation of rules and the type of players’ physique and attitudes.brbr Part of my objective is to counter the validity of the subject matter so that you won’t be bored with rhetoric. The tempo of the show is upbeat and captivating!