The Star Jelly Files

Elizabeth Hamblett

I have some surprising and predictable news. Aliens are real, and you are not alone in this neighborhood called space. That’s right, you heard me. There are trillions of worlds with intelligent life, and they have been there all along. Going about their space business, and even stopping by Earth occasionally. Why haven’t humans noticed you ask? Well, that is a very long story. The Star Jelly Files is a science fiction and fantasy podcast that asks the questions, what if the universal community was simply hiding from Earth this whole time, and what exactly has been happening out in space. If you choose to listen to these broadcasts, you must be prepared to meet those that live among the stars and experience their worlds. Are you ready to explore beyond the familiar skies of Earth? The release schedule of this podcast is typically weekly but is subject to change depending on the phases of the moon, the presence of meteor showers, and the alignment of the 12th planet of the solar system.To learn more about the podcast visit us at read less