The Star Jelly Files

Elizabeth Hamblett

I have some surprising and predictable news. You are not alone in this neighborhood called space. There are trillions of universes and lifeforms that exist. If you choose to listen to these broadcasts, you must be prepared to meet them and experiences their worlds. This podcast shares stories from all across space. Shares them with those who wish to see beyond their own skies, and into the worlds that exist past the edges of what is known. With those who want to explore what else is out there. Come peek behind the veil. The Star Jelly Files is a science fiction and fantasy podcast that is written, produced, and voice acted by Elizabeth Hamblett. The Star Jelly Files explores the question of what if the universal community was simply hiding from Earth this whole time, and what stories would happen across space if the veil was suddenly lifted. To learn more about the podcast visit us at www.starjellyfiles.com. To support the podcast visit our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/starjellyfiles.

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Altarians and Bigfoot
Oct 15 2021
18 mins
Altarians and BigfootIntermission: Lights in the ForestIntermission: Lights in the SkyOld News and New IdeasBlue Stars and Forgotten PlacesOceans and Underwater LightsAncient Knowledge and LightworkersGolden Ships and Wisps of LightHistory and the Galactic AllianceLost Data and Invisible BuildingsCrashed Ships and Light BeingsStowaways and 1947Talking Ships and Secret MissionsSouls and Lost BooksOatmeal and SecretsAmber Ships and the Phoenix LightsSilver Planets and Lost WorldsOld Friends and Hidden AgendasGlitter and DragonsFog and Willow Trees