Coaching the Mind with Mohammed Sheikh

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Apr 6 2020 • 1 hr 9 mins

The past can trigger us in so many ways. Low self-esteem is possibly linked to past experiences, and it might take a long time to recover from traumatic experiences. Some even take anti-depressants, but it still would not do any good. Learn how coaching your mind can be a helpful solution to this.

In today’s episode, Coach the Mind's founder, Mohammed Sheikh, will help us heal and remove our emotional baggage through our unconscious mind. Tune in to the show and learn how you can start to let go of what's holding you back.

About Our Guest:

Mohammed Sheikh trained under the approach of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is about the study of human experience. He also trained in hypnosis and began to deconstruct the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that create a person's experience. He started conducting workshops and later became a Certified Trainer with HeartMath Institute.

Mohammed’s Insights on Coaching Your Mind

Mohammed’s Beginnings

  • Mohammed was one of the top achievers in his grade school, but everything changed when he entered university.
  • He was always afraid and anxious to go to class.
  • Later, he was diagnosed with depression and dropped out of school.

Anxiety as a Lifechanger

  • Mohammed said that his depression made him understand a lot of things.
  • We should spend more time thinking about things that make us happy.

How to Change Ourselves: Coaching the Mind

  • Mohammed clarified that it is not motivation that would make you change; instead, it’s our principles and values.
  • We gain self-esteem when we accomplish something. However, if we fail, we should learn from that experience, and we will be able to grow.

Coaching Your Mind Through Meditation and Hypnosis

  • Mohammed compared meditation and hypnosis to a radio.
  • Meditation is all about being present. It is like having access to the volume of a radio.
  • With hypnosis, on the other hand, you can “program the station.”

Recreating Yourself as a Mental Image

  • Mohammed explained that what happened in the past is a distortion or a representation of the present.

How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • List down everything you want to do in life, whether big or small.
  • "I am" statements are already hypnosis, and if it is said with congruence, it becomes real.
  • Mohammed says that we need to access our creative o
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